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Autonomous Response Systems

“The most powerful weapon is the Camera” – Capt Paul Watson

We also believe that immutable data networks are a very powerful tool for documenting the health and threats facing our oceans. AEROBOTICS(tm) uses Ocean Currency Network OCN(tm) to quickly distribute data across hundreds of thousands of machines globally. This opens up the ability for other developers to build distributed applications or dAPPS. 

One such application that we are working on is the ability to identify large mammals at sea and using Machine Learning, alert authorities when there is an entanglement issue. 


AEROBOTICS(tm) Works on top of the Ocean Currency Network OCN(tm). The data recorded on the blockchain allows us to better understand the marine environment. The AEROBOTICS(tm) drones are used for data collection and contribute to this blockchain.

Deep Learning

AEROBOTICS(tm) uses several Deep Learning to identify various species at sea and in some cases, individual animals. We are currently training our machines to recognize humpback whales from the air so we can build a completely non-invasive process of measuring general health.

Marine Protected Areas

Often what happens beneath the surface of the water is a bit of a mystery. We believe the next exploratory frontier is our oceans and a mixture of air and sea drones will enable us to gather better meta data so that we are capabale of understanding the impact of our actions on our greatest resource, The Ocean.

Verification by Consensus

At present there are a number of data collectors when it comes to ocean technology. Using a number of datasets with our Drone Technology we are able to quickly identify when we need to have eyes in the sky. Our hope is that we can better identify threats facing the ocean and the wildlife that exists within. 

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Our Team

Jeremy McKane

CEO - Ocean Currency Network(tm)

Cyril Lutterodt

CEO - Neu Robotics